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KAYAK OR CANOE? Why not both? Our Tomahawk series offers high pressure drop-stitch technology in both kayak and canoe forms. Find the model that best matches your paddling style, whether that be exploratory or speedy.

ATTENTION: Our TOMAHAWK series is GORGEOUS, well designed & is tailored for speed, thrill & adventure for Experienced & Advanced level of Kayakers & Canoers. Please check the specification of all these 3 models. If you are at Beginner or Intermediate skill level or just want to Kayak or Canoe with friends & family for fun, recreational purpose, we suggest, based on your terrain water conditions, please choose one of our STEAM, LAXO or MEMBA models.

H I G H   P R E S S U R E   S P E E D   K A Y A K / C A N O E   S E R I E S

TOMAHAWK AIR-K 375 ( 12'4" )

TOMAHAWK AIR-K 400 ( 14'5" )

TOMAHAWK AIR-C ( 15'8" )