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Ewbank 830 Evolution 3 Adjustable Height Floor & Carpet Sweeper

por Ewbank
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$69.99 - $69.99
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The ewbank 830 evolution 3 manual floor and carpet sweeper is a bag-less and cord-free alternative to the traditional vacuum and cleans hard wood floors and carpets, picking up dust, lint, crumbs, pet hair and other fine particles. This portable carpet sweeper has synthetic bristles that dig up dust and other particles.

The large capacity dustpan makes emptying the dust and particles a breeze. This carpet sweeper includes 2 different height settings making it versatile for any floor you need to clean. The evolution 3 manual floor and carpet sweeper requires no cords or batteries to operate.Cleaning is made convenient with the evolution 3, it even lays flat under furniture to reach those areas that you never thought you could clean.
  • Transition between hard floor and carpet easily with the adjustable height setting
  • Emptying the dust pan is as simple as operating the lever on the top of the unit and ensures hygienic dirt disposal
  • Large 22cm sweeping path and long 105cm handle makes sweeping under furniture easy
  • Durable, nylon tufted long-life brushes provide excellent pick- up performance
  • Adjustable brush height settings
  • Furniture protection bumper
  • Hygienic topside dust emptying system
  • High level pick-up on both forward and back strokes
  • Helix nylon tufted brush



  • Snow

  • Snow
    ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT 105cm Handle And Low Body Height
    To Reach Under Furniture Easily
    BRAND Ewbank
    CLEANING SURFACES Carpet & Hard Floors
    CLEAN PATH 22 cms
    HEADLINER Adjustable Floor & Carpet Sweeper
    WATTAGE Manual
    WARRANTY 12 Months From The Date Of Purchase Against Product
    Manufacturing Defects

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