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We ship globally, however, free delivery option covers only Canada & USA.

All shipment with order value, before taxes, equal & above 50$ in respective currencies include the cost of shipping.

Please note that for shipments outside of Canada & USA, based on the item category, there can be extra charges of import duties, local taxes & levies which are not included in the price.

We ship items across Canada & US from our respective warehouses at Ontario, Canada and North Carolina, USA. We try to minimize the cross-border shipments, however, based on the stock availability, we may sometimes ship cross-border, across Canada & US. In case of cross border shipments for destination in Canada & USA, the price includes any cross border custom duty charges.

For all other global locations, outside of Canada & USA, based on the category, based on the country of delivery, in addition to shipping charges, you may have to pay additional your local custom duty charges at the time of order or at the time of delivery.

For more info, please reach us at

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