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Aqua marina FAQ

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    Where can I purchase a board? Where can I purchase spare parts ? (e.g. fins, bags, pumps) Please visit or call 1-833-9677464(ZOPPINH) for sale of Aqua Marian products and accessories.
    Where can I find AQUA MARINA’s product catalogue? For the latest models of Aqua Marian products and their availability, pelase visit .
    How long is the warranty period for my SUP board? Your warranty period for AQUA MARINA inflatable SUP board is valid for one (1) year (except the rental board “NUTS”) from the date of the original purchase from the dealer/shop and is valid provided the product is only used in accordance with published guidelines from AQUA MARINA, including the product’s user manuals and technical specifications.
    How can I register for my product warranty? You could register your warranty by filling the warranty card and provide it for your dealer/shop when there is a warranty issue, or by simply completing the warranty registration form here.
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    What is special about AQUA MARINA’s Double Layer Technology? Double Layer Technology is the premium construction we use on our specialized boards which are much stiffer and more durable. It involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing reinforced PVC to the Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core at the raw material stage, rather than hand gluing it. The high-tech industrial process could reduce 20%-25% in board weight by saving glue while making the boards stiffer.
    Can I use any of AQUA MARINA’s pumps to inflate my board? Yes, all our LIQUID AIR V1/ V2/ V3 pumps are designed for all of our inflatable boards.
    How do I inflate my SUP board? You can inflate your SUP by using AQUA MARINA’s hand pump or electric pumps. All of our inflatable SUP boards come with a double action hand pump. Inflate your board by connecting the pump hose to the valve. For more inflation instructions, please refer to your user manual. If you have lost your user manual, click here for an e-version. Try AQUA MARINA’s electric pumps to save time and energy.
    How to set up my inflatable board? Follow the instructions on your user manual, starting from “page 9”. If you have lost your user manual,View our instructional board setup video here.
    How much air should I pump into my board, and how long does it take to inflate? The recommended pressure is 15 or 18 PSI (8 PSI for MEGA, 10 PSI for HYPER inner chamber, 3PSI for DRIFT side chambers) which is marked on the valve rubber patch of each chamber on the board. Any higher than the indicated amount and you risk over inflating and damaging your board. Depending on the size of your board it can take anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes to inflate.
    How much air pressure (PSI) should be pumped for inflatable boards at different weather or temperatures? The recommended pressure for our inflatable boards is between 15 and 18 PSI. If the temperature outside is above 25 degrees Celsius, we recommend inflating the board only up to 80%-90% of the max. air pressure, since the pressure will increase naturally due to the heat.
    How do inflatable boards compare to hard boards? When inflated correctly and used for general Stand Up Paddling, you will hardly notice a difference. The biggest benefit is that you can deflate, roll up and stash your board in the back of the car with ease, and transporting it further afield is really easy. Our boards are designed to journey with you to wondrous places.
    Can I install a motor or an underwater propulsion device on my SUP board? We only recommend the AQUA MARINA BLUEDRIVE power fin for water propulsion on your inflatable board. The BLUEDRIVE power fin is an electric motor designed to fit almost all types of watercraft with a slide-in fin box, such as our iSUP boards, kayaks and canoes. It helps you extend trips and save energy when fighting against wind and current. Learn more about the BLUEDRIVE power fin.
    When detaching the pump from the board, the air starts to release from the valve. How do I stop this from happening? There is a little spring pin inside the valve that locks itself in two positions: Deflating Position (air coming out freely) and Inflating Position (100% Airtight). If the air is releasing, that means the valve spring pin may have been left in the Deflating Position. To switch from deflating to inflating, simply push the pin in and turn counter-clockwise 90 degrees so it pops up and the pin will lock itself in a “UP” position and the air will not be able to come out unless you push the pin down again.
    Where should I choose to SUP for the first time? There are so many great places to explore with your SUP board. But for the first time, we suggest you choose a calm location that is protected from both wind and waves, and choose a smooth entry point to the water to launch your board, like a sandy beach, grassy field or a boat dock. Always check information about local regulations and dangers related to standup paddle boarding and surfing.
    How do I avoid falling? In short, you can’t! Falling is totally normal for SUP boarding (especially when learning), and there is nothing to be scared of. But it is important to fall safely into the water. If you do feel you’re going to fall, knowing how to fall correctly is crucial to avoid damage. Remember to fall away from your board and avoid landing on your paddle. Try to fall flat. Avoid jumping in feet first or diving head first into the water.
    Why wear a safety leash? How do I install one? There are three major reasons. Firstly, a leash keeps your body stay connected to your board in any unexpected water conditions. Secondly, a leash helps you get back on your board easily which serves as a floatation raft in emergencies. Thirdly, the leash help avoid injuring other surfers if you lose control of your board.
    I am an experienced paddler, can I discard the safety leash? No! Always wear a leash; leashes save lives.
    What should I wear when paddling? Whilst paddling, please consider appropriate clothing for the weather or climate. It is highly recommended to wear a buoyancy aid vest or other personal flotation device, and a wetsuit in cooler conditions. Make sure to protect yourself from the sunlight, especially when paddling close to the coast, or you may easily get sunburn. If you’re a beginner, we strongly recommend wearing a floatation device at all times, and always be prepared to get wet!
    Can I go into deep water alone? This is not recommended, especially for beginners. Always tell your time schedule to somebody if you are paddling alone. Make sure there is a lifeguard within the paddling area.
    Can I learn to SUP on the AQUA MARINA board? How can I improve my board skills? Yes, the classic AQUA MARINA all-around boards are very popular inflatable SUP boards for riders of all levels. They are very stable for beginners to start with.
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    What is the bump I found on the back of my board? Do not fear, it’s meant to be here!! The bump which can be seen at the back of some of our boards on the bottom is where the drop stitch material has to be cut in order to fit in the inflation valve. It is not a fault of construction, and will not affect use.
    What is serial number and where can I find it? The serial number is the unique ID number on each AQUA MARINA board. It may be required when you turn to after-sales service. The serial number can be found on the warning label of the board, starting with the letters CN-ORP XXXXXX.
    My pump gauge isn’t working. Solution (A) The PSI value won’t register until it reaches the minimum scale reading PSI. Solution (B) If the pump gauge isn’t working after several minutes’ inflation, you could turn to your nearest dealer/shop for after-sales service. Find your nearest service center using our after-sales service finder.
    My board is leaking. First of all, don’t panic! Please check whether the leak is caused by the valve or a puncture, and refer to corresponding repair instructions in the user manual. You can locate the leak by spraying soapy water on the board to see if air bubbles start forming.

    Solution (A) If your board valve is leaking, please follow the instructions by referring to page 15 of your user manual . Or click here for our after-sales how-to instructional video.

    Solution (B) If your board leak is caused by a cut or a puncture, please follow the instructions by referring to page 14 of your user manual. Or click here for our after-sales how-to instructional video.

    Solution (C) If your board’s band seam on the rail is leaking, click here for our after-sales how-to instructional video.
    Which kind of glue should I use to repair my Inflatable Board? And where can I get one? We recommend using glue by AQUASEAL or STORMSURE. You can find this glue at your local water-sporting goods store or online.
    I lost my fin. Please visit or call 1-833-9677464(ZOPPINH) for sale of Aqua Marian products and accessories.
    One of my D-rings has fallen apart. Please visit or call 1-833-9677464(ZOPPINH) for sale of Aqua Marian products and accessories. Lease check the academy section for our instructional video on how-to replace your D-ring.
    My SUP board can’t be packed back into the zip bag. In most cases, your board does not require precise folding to get packed in your original bag. Please make sure you are packing your board in the right bag size. AQUA MARINA provides 5 sizes of zip backpacks to fit different boards for great portability. For more packing instructions, view the infographic below. You may also want to check how to properly fold your board and pack everything in the bag, please click here for an instructional video.
    What do I get in the repair kit? Every board comes with a repair kit. You will get a user manual, a warranty card, a wrench and some patches that can be used to get you back up and running. A good repair should be left overnight to cure. NOTE: DO NOT use the wrench to deflate the board. As a repair tool, this wrench can be only used to remove and tighten the valve for servicing purpose only.
    What shall I do if I have a warranty issue? If your product has major defects in material or workmanship, if you purchase Aqua marina products on, please call us at 1-833-9677464(ZOPPINH) and send us your original sales receipt. We will help you deal with the trouble as soon as possible.
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    Can the SUP board be dragged on the ground? No! Dragging it on the ground may cause damage to your board and could result in air leakage. This will void your warranty.
    Can I secure my paddle under the bungees? No. Paddles are not meant to be secured under bungees. The bungee system is designed to secure a bag or water bottle with ease. If you want to secure your paddle, please use the AQUA MARINA paddle holder.
    Can I leave my board inflated in the sun or overnight? No. Do not leave your board under direct sunlight as this may cause over-inflation. Please keep the board under shade when not in use with a working pressure NO MORE THAN 60%-70% of the maximum air pressure, or leave your board in a cool dry place. Remember to check the air pressure before and after use, and deflate your board when necessary.
    How do I take care of my inflatable board? How do I maintain my board? Taking care of your board is pretty easy with regular maintenance. Here are some handy tips that will ensure your gear lasts longer. Cleaning: Clean the board after each use with freshwater and mild soap. Keep it dry: Dry the board off after each use and before storing to avoid mould damage. Avoid direct sunlight: Keep the board away from direct sunlight and keep under shade when not in use with a working pressure less than 60%-70% of the max. air pressure. Don’t use an air compressor: You can easily over-inflate the board by using an air compressor and void the warranty. No dragging: Sharp debris can puncture your board. Use it frequently: Long-term storage can cause glue bonds to disintegrate. Store at room temperature: Keep the boards sheltered away from high temperature and humidity, with room temperature between 0℃ and 40℃. Regular maintenance: Regularly check for cracks, scrapes, or any other issues and repair if necessary.
    How should I clean my board? Clean the board after each use with fresh water and mild soap. We suggest rinse the board to remove dirt, sand and salt water. Use towels to wipe away dirt when necessary. Remember to remove your fins before you rinse your board so that you can thoroughly cleanse your fin box. Completely dry your board AFTER you rinse and BEFORE you store it.
    How should I store my board? 1. Remove fins before you store your board. 2. Completely dry your board BEFORE you store it. 3. Don’t store your inflatable board in direct sunlight. This will result in deterioration in the long run and shorten the life of your board. UV radiation is harsh and can particularly damage PVC when exposed repeatedly day after day. 4. Store your inflatable board in the right temperature range. Anywhere between 5-40 degrees Celsius (40-110 degrees Fahrenheit) is recommended. Again, inflatable SUPs are durable, but extreme conditions aren’t ideal for any sporting equipment. Avoid freezing cold or baking hot conditions. 5. You can store your board both deflated or inflated, whichever suits your space. a) When the board is stored inflated, resist the temptation to stack things or place heavy objects on it. This could cause a divot or impact the rocker of your board over time. Also, if you’re storing your board inflated for the long-term, it’s best to release a few PSI just in case your storage area gets too warm. That helps to prevent any damage to the board from the air inside expanding beyond the desired PSI. b) If you store your board deflated, keep it lying flat. When storing your board deflated, it’s a great idea to use your board bag to protect it from abrasions. Make sure it’s rolled or folded loosely. Then store your board in it’s backpack so it’s laying on its side rather than upright or standing on the edges of the board where pressure points could form.
    How long can I leave the board inflated for? Over time you will experience some loss of pressure especially with temperature changes. Just top it up before you hit the water. The board should be stored out of direct sunlight and if you are not going to use it for a while you should reduce the pressure to below 15psi (maximum air pressure).