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Ewbank 5PK, 5 Piece, All-in-One, Home & Office Care, Spray Mop & Sweeper Set

por Ewbank
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The complete surface cleaning kit offers the consumer the ability to wash and squeegee clean windows as the spray mop can be used upside down due to the unique liquid pick up tube, so no need to carry additional water.

The consumer can then sweep the hard floor with the rotary sweeper, picking up all the dirt and dust, before either mopping, dusting or polishing with the easy to use spray mop.

Finally, swapping the head from squeegee to sweeper and on to the mop is nothing more than a simple click and just to make sure the consumer can get in to the hard to reach corners, a corner mop head is also included in the 5pk.

Box Contents: Standard
  • Universal spray mop body plus handle and trigger with 17.5 fl oz universal tank
  • Hard floor rotary sweeper
  • Window cleaning squeegee
  • Rectangular flat mop / duster
  • Corner mop / duster
Product Specifications:
  • Body & Tank Material: ABS
  • Tank Capacity: 17.5 Fl oz
  • Assembled Dimension: 50 Inch high
  • Assembled Weight: 26 Oz
  • Warranty: 12 months from the date of purchase against product manufacturing defects



  • Snow
    • Ensure That the Cleaning Pad Is Clean & Securely Attached To The Window Cleaning Head.
    • Squeeze The Trigger Gently To Lightly Coat The Window Surface Above The Window Cleaning Head.
    • Gently Scrub The Window With The Bonnet Side,Scrubbingat At All Angles Until The Surface Is Well Washed.The Bottle Of 5PK Is Equipped With A Pickup Tube Allowing You To Spray As Needed At All Angles.
    • Keeping The Squeegee Blade Against The Window.
    • Pull It Steadily Across The Window Until It Is Clean.
    • This Product Is Designed For Use On Smooth Level Glass Surfaces Only.
    • The Pads Are Machine Washable.See Sewn in Label For Details.Do Not Use A Fabric Softener Or Bleach When Washing The Microfibre Cloths.Always Allow to Air Dry.The Pads Easily Reattached With Hook & Loop Fasteners.
    • The Handle Drops Flat Into A Horizontal Position So Your Sweeper Can Easily Clean Under Furniture.
    • Only Use Cleaning Fluids Recommended For Your Surface & Dilute Accordingly.
    • Do Not Use Strong Alkaline/Acidic Cleaning Fluids In The Water Tank.After Each Use Make Sure The Spout Is Clean Ot Residual Cleaning Solutions To Prolong The Mops Useful Life.
    • Clean The Water Tank &Add Clean Water.
    • Press The Trigger To Activate The Sprayer Until The Spout Is Completely Clean.
    • Universal Spray Mop Body Plus Handle and Trigger with 17.5 Fl oz Universal Tank
    • Hard Floor Rotary Sweeper
    • Window Cleaning Squeegee
    • Rectangular Flat Mop / Duster
    • Corner Mop / Duster

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